Layer3 connections on Aruba switches

On Cisco its quite convenient command “no switchport” , which  is used for layer3 connections between network devices. It disables spanning tree process on such interface:

#sh spanning-tree interface te1/4
no spanning tree info available for TenGigabitEthernet1/4

On Aruba though there are no such command and layer3 connection is done with help of VLANs (the same way as on Cisco behind the scenes).

On Aruba switch on layer3 link commands “spanning admin-edge-port” and “spanning-tree bpdu-filter”  should be used if on both ends are Aruba with layer3 interfaces.  However if on one end is Cisco (e.g. WAN router) and on other end is Aruba (e.g. L3 site switch), then such commands are not necessary as Cisco device on L3 interface will not have spanning tree process and not generate BPDUs.

Enabling RSTP (IEEE 802.1w) spanning tree on Aruba is done by following global commands:

spanning-tree force-version RSTP-operation






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