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statistical data of coronavirus (COVID-19)

I searched and haven’t found data which is organized in the table shown day-to-day comparison. Almost all resources put information in pretty ugly way e.g. “today A cases confirmed, B deaths C recovered …” then on the next day they rewrite such information by new day data.

Till the end of epidemy it is expected still 2-6 weeks (different experts, different expectations). Here is analytical data which I started to organize sense February 11:



Based on such data following conclusions can be made (on 2020-Feb-16):
1) amount of confirmed cases is still not decreasing, epidemy is not over (14886 cases detected on 2020-Feb13 they explain by ‘new applied way of detection’)
2) delta of recovered people is still not stable, but promising
3) delta of deaths is various: not possible to conclude that they’ve got a treatment which efficiently helps with recovery.


Data by 2020-February-23

virus data 2020-02-23

Based on such data following conclusions can be made (on 2020-Feb-23):

1) amount of confirmed cases in China compared to previous day steadily decreases (see “Delta to previous day” column)

2) “confirmed cases outside China”: main contributor at this moment is a city Daegu (大邱) 300km from Seoul

3) amount of day-to-day recovered is almost constant and around 2000, which is much more compared to all days before February 18

4) mentioned trends show that virus outbreak will be ended soon (I expect during coming week several governments will lift quarantine restrictions)

Reports with data from the World Health Organization are here:


Further updates and data will follow on coming days.

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